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Opto B Discovery Application

Powering Faster,
More Precise
Antibody Discovery

Experience Unprecedented Speed in Antibody Discovery with the Opto® B Discovery Application

Opto B Discovery on the Beacon® platform revolutionizes antibody discovery (AbD) by combining cutting-edge optofluidics, proprietary workflows, and best-in-class consumables.​

The state-of-the-art workflows leverage up to 4 optofluidic chips to characterize single B cells and significantly reduce the time and cost needed to identify the most promising antibody lead candidates.​

By harnessing the power of Opto® B Discovery workflows, the Beacon systems accelerate the discovery and testing process, making it more efficient and accessible beyond the reach of traditional methods.​

Opto® B Discovery Application

Experience Unprecedented Speed

Accelerate timelines and reduce costs
Customize your approach to Antibody Discovery
Screen thousands of clones and recover lead molecules
Supported Instruments: Beacon, Beacon Select for AbD, Beacon Quest
The Opto® Memory B Discovery Human Workflow

Unlock access to the wide diversity of human memory B cells to accelerate more physiologically relevant and efficacious antibody discovery.

This Application Note outlines:

  • A rapid workflow to screen human memory B cells and discover high-value monoclonal antibodies in one week
  • Robust activation of human memory B cells using proprietary feeder-free activation medium
  • Efficient recovery of antigen-specific antibody sequences for downstream characterization and development
Meet the Beacon® Optofluidic System
The Most Advanced Antibody Discovery Platform
Process and Analyze Cells in a Faster, More Insightful Way

At the core of the Beacon system is a combination of optics and nanofluidics called optofluidics. The OptoSelect® chips replace typical well plates. Each OptoSelect chip contains thousands of NanoPen® chambers, which replace wells on a microplate. This is where cells are selectively placed, cultured and characterized using a myriad of proprietary Beacon Platform assays.

Accelerate Antibody Discovery

See how pioneers in AbD use our technology to speed up workflows, find the best lead
candidates and improve target-to-lead antibody selection.

Beacon Application

Screening thousands of cells is an automated process on the Beacon system with our four workflow modules: Import, Culture, Assay and Export. These modules can be adapted, interchanged and deployed with a variety of single-cell assays to address specific applications and a variety of cell types.


Our software automatically identifies single cells and directs them into NanoPen chambers all at once. Chips are loaded with cells in less than 30 minutes.


As cells proliferate, nutrients diffuse in, waste diffuses out, and software images the chip continuously to count cells and calculate growth rate.


Test individual cells immediately and repeatedly in our NanoPen chambers, instead of culturing for weeks to reach a minimum number of cells for assay.


Choose your cells of interest. Light patterns move them into position for export to a well plate.

Success Stories
From Donor to Lead in 18 Days
The Opto B Discovery Workflows Enable Cloning and Direct Functional Profiling of B Cells in a Single Day

Vanderbilt University delivered sequences of confirmed SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies to downstream manufacturing partners in just 18 days using this workflow. Two of these antibodies form the basis of AstraZeneca’s Evusheld antibody cocktail for the treatment of COVID-19, which was authorized for emergency use from 12/2021 to 1/2023.​

These significant time savings not only enable a rapid response to emerging pandemics but can also deliver millions of dollars in enabled revenue and return on investment.​

Develop a Deeper Understanding
of Opto B Discovery

Accelerate timelines and reduce costs

Fast, Powerful Workflow for Antibody Discovery

The Beacon system can drastically reduce your AbD timelines and downstream costs by allowing you to bypass less promising candidates and devote your resources to only the most promising ones. It achieves this by functionally assaying tens of thousands of B cells in a single day and identifying the best candidates within hours, a process that traditionally takes months.


Customize your approach to antibody discovery

Create the Perfect Workflow for Your Specific Antibody Discovery Needs

Customize each workflow for your unique campaign goals. Choose from our wide range of reagents, chips, and workflow operations for the perfect balance of cost and performance. Mix and match our products with your expertise to get the most out of your discovery work.​ Leverage the power and flexibility of single B cell screening to develop your own reagents and workflows for new species, targets, and assays.

Tailored, Rapid Assays to Find the Best Antibodies

Unlock the potential of personalized assays with Beacon Select™. Customize for both soluble and membrane-bound targets, integrate with Opto B Discovery, and fast-track your B cell screening from months to hours. Leverage our technology for a swift, customized approach to antibody discovery.

Antigen Specificity Assay
Antigen Specificity Assay
Cross-reactivity Assay
Cross-reactivity Assay
Membrane-bound Antigen Cell-binding Assay
Membrane-bound Antigen Cell-binding Assay
Ligand Blocking Assay
Ligand Blocking Assay

Screen thousands of clones and recover lead molecules

Recover Lead Molecules,
Not Just Sequences

Unload the B cells you want, link their phenotype to genotypic sequence. Customize your hit-picking criteria based on assay results to unload and recover sequences from hundreds of B cells. Choose only the best lead molecules to carry forward or recover larger datasets to feed into your antibody optimization workstreams.

Unload: Desired single B cells are moved individually out of NanoPen chambers using light.​
Recover & Library Prep: Recover single B cells into standard 96 well plates for library preparation. Use our kits to amplify BCR amplicons for sequencing or customize to fit your downstream workstream. ​
Sequence: Connect and observe your recovered genotypic sequences with the deep phenotypic Beacon data in PrimeSeq BCR.​
Optofluidics to Rapid

Bypass lengthy and costly gene synthesis and cloning by directly incorporating BCR sequences into linear transcripts to transfect within days, not weeks. ​

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Opto® Memory B Discovery Enables Multispecies Screening Capabilities
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Enabling Multispecies Screening Capabilities with Opto® Memory B Discovery
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Opto® Memory B Discovery Human Workflow
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Empowering Rapid and Robust Antibody Response: The Role of Next-Generation Antibody Discovery in Preparedness for Emerging Diseases and Endemic Threats