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Published in Head & Neck: Cytokine Profiling Reveals How Novel Kinase Inhibitor Slows Tumor Cell Growth by Altering Tumor Microenvironment
Cancer ImmunologyBlog
Published in Science Translational Medicine: Single-Cell Secretome Reveals Functional Profiles of Immune Cells in Hard-To-Treat Cancers
Cellular and Regenerative MedicinePublications
4-1BB and optimized CD28 co-stimulation enhances function of human mono-specific and bi-specific third-generation CAR T cells
A Beacon for Rapid for Rapid Antibody Discovery agains Difficult Targets
Featured Speaker: Iwona Budnicki, PhD, Patricia Odermatt, and Anupam Singhal, PhD
Cellular and Regenerative MedicinePublications
A Kinetic Investigation of Interacting, Stimulated T Cells Identifies Conditions for Rapid Functional Enhancement, Minimal Phenotype Differentiation, and Improved Adoptive Cell Transfer Tumor Eradication.
Cellular and Regenerative MedicinePublications
A long-acting interleukin-7, rhIL-7-hyFc, enhances CAR T cell expansion, persistence, and anti-tumor activity