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Unravel Complex Biology with Single Cell Precision

Deep profiling in one week, on one platform with the Lightning™ optofluidic system.

  • Select and clone single cells in just 1 day
  • Characterize function in less than one week
  • Recover viable cells for further analysis

Single Cell Cloning and Analysis in a New Light

Gain unrivaled insight into biology. Lightning’s novel optofluidic technology enables the isolation and characterization of 1000’s of single cells on one platform.


Unlimited Potential for Your Research

Functionally profile cells of interest with a wide range of assays powered by a system built to support a diverse range of biological research applications.


Develop reporter cell lines with single-cell precision

  • Isolate 1,000 single cells in less than 1 day
  • Grow and assay for reporter gene response
    kinetics within 3 days
  • Select and export viable clones for further
    growth and analysis

Profile thousands of
single T cells

  • Activate and expand single T cells
  • Monitor cell-cell interactions
  • Visualize tumor cell killing in real-time
  • Detect cytokine secretion

Explore Biology at Single-Cell Resolution

Single cell analysis traditionally requires the use of multiple instruments over the course of months. The Lightning system makes it possible to clone, grow, assay, and recover cells in a matter of days.

After automated cloning, assay and monitor cells individually using brightfield and fluorescence. Create a visual record of every cell in every experiment and understand complex biology at a level that’s not possible with any other method.

Single cell cloning
Automatically clone single cells into NanoPen chambers, replacing limiting dilution and single cell isolation devices.
Phenotypic and functional profiling
Grow and assay cells for functions such as cytokine secretion and apoptosis induction.
Live cell-cell interactions
Study and record cell interactions of two or more different cell types in real time.
Genomic and transcriptional profiling
Perform downstream genomic analysis to link phenotype to genotype or gene expression.
  • All-in-one benchtop design
  • Supports OptoSelect™ 1500 chip
  • Automated cell selection and loading
  • Controllable media perfusion
  • Open platform for application flexibility
  • Time-lapse imaging throughout experiment
  • Real-time visualization of live cells
  • Brightfield and 5-color fluorescence detection in FITC, Texas Red, PE, DAPI, and CY5
Named a Top 10 Innovation by The Scientist
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