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IsoCode Chips


The Award-Winning Single-Cell Signaling solution measures cellular protein to protein interactions and adaptive resistance pathways.

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Signaling Technology

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The New Standard in
Single-Cell Functional Biology

The IsoLight and IsoSpark Proteomic Barcoding instruments are hubs for comprehensive functional profiling of each cell type across a large assay menu of single-cell chip and software products. Run an entire highly-multiplexed proteomics workflow. Just add your sample and walk away, achieving fully analyzed data on the same day.

Highly Multiplexed Analysis

Highly multiplexed phosphoprotein analysis at single-cell resolution

Functional Phenotyping

Functional Phenotyping targeting
500-1500 single cells per chip

Fully Automated

Fully automated, quick, and
cost-efficient workflow

technology workflow

Bruker Cellular Analysis' Single-Cell Signaling

Our proprietary & patented "Proteomic Barcoded" IsoCode Chip, captures single cells in each microchamber, and detects the full range of phosphoproteins, enabling predictive intracellular discoveries.

  • Human Tumor Signaling

    P-PRAS40, P-IkBα, P-NF-kβ p65, P-Met, P-p44/42 MAPK, P-S6 Ribosomal Protein, P-p90RSK, P-STAT3, P-MEK1/2, P-Stat1, P-Stat5, P-eIF4E, Alpha Tubulin

  • Human Adaptive Immune

    TNF-a, IFN-g, PERFORIN, GRANZYME B, IL-10, MIP-1b, IL-2, GM-CSF, P-IkBA, P-NF-kB p65, P-Stat3, P-MEK1/2, P-Stat1, P-Stat5, IL-8

Single-Cell Signaling

A Breakthrough
Technological Innovation

The breakthrough Single-Cell Signaling allows users to analyze signaling cascades of many phosphoproteins directly from each single cell, across thousands of single cells in parallel, for the first time. The leap over existing technologies like western blot, mass spectrometry, and flow cytometry, is the Single-Cell Signaling solution's ability to quantify and highly multiplex 15+ intracellular analytes simultaneously from each cell, and thus detect critical protein to protein interactions and signaling networks in rare cells and cell subsets.

Case Studies & Research
Product Specifications
IsoCode Chips - 4 ISOCODE-4L01-4
Single-Cell Signaling Adaptive Immune-L Chips – (H) 4 ISOCODE-4L04-4
Single-Cell Intracellular Tumor Signaling Panel - (H) 4 PANEL-4L01-4
Single-Cell Signaling Adaptive Immune 4-L Panel - (H) 4 PANEL-4L04-4
Single-Cell Intracellular Tumor Signaling Panel - (H) 4 S-PANEL-4L01-4
Single-Cell Signaling Adaptive Immune-L Panel - (H) 4 S-PANEL-4L04-4

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The single-use IsoCode chips are at the core of our technology and required to run our single-cell profiling assays on the fully automated and Award-Winning IsoLight System.