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Empowering Rapid and Robust Antibody Response: The Role of Next-Generation Antibody Discovery in Preparedness for Emerging Diseases and Endemic Threats

Learn how leading researchers are revolutionizing Antibody Research during COVID response by harnessing cutting-edge technologies to eliminate epidemic threats.

What's Inside

In this App Note we discuss:

How Rapid Antibody Screening with the Beacon® System is Revolutionizing Functional Analysis and Early Antibody Identification.
Identifying Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies for Next Generation Therapeutic mAbs and Vaccines.
Insights from the Beacon on Antibody Expression and Functional Analysis.
Early Identification of Potent Omicron-Neutralizing Antibodies.
Comparative Screening Efficiency and Rapid Lead Identification.
A Deeper Look

More about this App Note

Beacon: A Superhero in the Fight Against Emerging and Endemic Diseases

The Beacon system has been – and will continue to be – an invaluable tool in the global fight against emerging and endemic diseases, especially COVID-19.

By identifying and screening tens of thousands of B cells in just one day, the Beacon can produce a much higher quantity of quality hits more quickly than traditional methods.

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