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The Culture Station™ System

Expand Scope, Scale, and Throughput of your Beacon® or Lightning™ optofluidic system.


Find the cells you are looking for even faster.

The Culture Station lets you free up your Beacon or Lightning system during cell culture and get results faster by running multiple chips in parallel. Save time by running larger experiments with more cells. Optimize experimental conditions more quickly by running 4 chips with independent media types and get your results faster.


Expand the scope and throughput of your single-cell analysis.

The Culture Station lets you transfer up to 4 OptoSelect™ chips to a culture module with independent media, fluidics and software, and can be seamlessly integrated into Beacon and Lightning workflows. Run media optimization or free up your Beacon or Lightning system to run other experiments during culture stages of an experiment. Once culture has completed, the OptoSelect chips can be moved back to the Beacon or Lightning instruments for further analysis. This creates a seamless interface between systems and increases throughput when cell culture becomes a constraint. Parallel processing of culture while simultaneously running assays on Beacon or Lightning reduces the product development cycle time and lowers cost, maximizing benefits to the system user. Expand your Culture Station to include capacity for up to 8 chips by linking 2 instruments together on the same computer.

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