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Optofluidic and Proteomic Barcoding Platforms for Multi-Omic, Single-Cell and Bulk Analysis

Discover how our technologies uniquely capture aspects of the phenome required to accelerate biological solutions for next-generation therapeutics.

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In this Brochure we discuss:

Accelerate personalized medicine across research areas and applications.
Discover optimal biomarkers through functional immune profiling of each cell.
Unleash automated multiplexed proteomics in very low sample volumes.
Process and analyze cells in a faster and more insightful way.
Reduce hands-on time and cut costs with cutting-edge technology.
Simultaneous incubate and screen thousands of single cells on a chip.
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Unlock the Power of the Phenome

Bruker Cellular Analysis provides missing insights into the functional biology (i.e., the phenome) of each cell to advance discovery to clinical research. The phenome is the set of all phenotypic traits expressed by a cell or organism, central to all questions in biology, which can now be profiled more comprehensively with single-cell functional multi-omics. Each cell has a phenome that defines its traits and capabilities. By characterizing the phenome of individual cells, we unlock critical insights into cellular function.

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