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Single-Cell Intracellular Proteome

Reveal critical signaling mechanisms by uncovering intracellular communication undetected by traditional technologies.

What's Inside

In this E-Book we discuss:

How IsoPlexis’ Single-Cell Intracellular Proteome uniquely measures phosphorylation events that define signaling cascades and adaptive resistance pathways, uncovering the mechanisms of functional adaptations, disease progression, and therapeutic resistance
The benefits of our unique solution over alternative technologies, allowing improved assessment of single-cell fluctuations and cell population heterogeneity, while exhibiting sensitivity comparable to commercial ELISAs
Studies by Su, et al., Wei, et al., and Shi, et al., to see how IsoPlexis’ platform was used to characterize the protein-protein interactions and signaling networks in Glioblastoma and mutant melanoma cancer cells, and identify the mechanisms of resistance to treatment
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Revealing True Functional Biology to Accelerate Research and Medicine

Researchers often look to genomic markers to understand the tumor microenvironment and signaling pathways, but functional adaptations can occur in the tumor unrecorded in their genomic signatures.

Single-Cell Intracellular Proteome provides complete functional characterization to help you study tumor/protein signaling pathways and the bases of therapeutic resistance.

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