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Unlocking Insights in Antibody Discovery: An Integrated Approach with the Beacon® Platform and PipeBio


Navigating the field of antibody discovery requires a careful balance of innovative methodologies and advanced technologies. Traditional approaches often face limitations due to biases, or risk overlooking critical insights. To overcome these challenges, a recent study delved into harnessing the combined power of Bruker’s Beacon® system and PipeBio software for antigen-specific and cross-reactive antibody discovery.

The study set out to assess antibodies specific to multiple related antigens, namely VEGFR1, VEGFR2, and VEGFR3. By utilizing the Beacon platform, which enables rapid functional assays, and PipeBio software for data analysis, the study aimed to identify the most promising antibody candidates for further exploration.

Integrated Data Analysis

One of the key aspects of the study was the integration of functional assay data from the Beacon system with sequencing data using PipeBio software. Unlike technologies solely reliant on sequencing or functional approaches, this multi-omic strategy offers a comprehensive view, minimizing biases and revealing unique insights.

The Beacon system proved highly efficient, identifying hundreds of cross-reactive and antigen-specific antibody sequences from a single mouse sample immunized against the three related antigens. This included paired heavy chain and light chain sequences, crucial for antibody functionality.

Leveraging PipeBio software, researchers efficiently cleaned and filtered the recovered sequences, ensuring high-quality data for further assessment. The software’s visualizations facilitated a deep understanding of the vast dataset, aiding in the identification of lead candidates and highlighting sequences needing additional scrutiny.

Unveiling New Insights and Empowering Decision-Making

By merging functional assay data with sequencing data, the study unearthed new insights critical for lead candidate selection. This holistic approach allowed researchers to pinpoint optimal candidates while flagging sequences requiring further evaluation, particularly regarding Beacon assay calling accuracy.

The combined power of the Beacon system and PipeBio software empowers researchers to make informed decisions in antibody discovery. Rapid identification of cross-reactive and antigen-specific antibodies, coupled with robust data analysis, streamlines the selection of lead candidates, accelerating the drug development process.

The collaborative synergy between cutting-edge technologies like the Beacon system and sophisticated data analysis tools such as PipeBio heralds a new era in antibody discovery. This approach not only enhances efficiency and accuracy but also unlocks nuanced insights crucial for advancing therapeutic interventions.

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