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Exploring Species Diversity in Antibody Discovery on the Beacon® Optofluidic Platform


In the continually advancing field of biologics, it’s essential to search for new antibodies with distinct properties. The ability to screen primary B cells across diverse animal species broadens the diversity of recovered antibody sequences and increases the odds of finding the best antibody for any application across reagents, therapeutics, and basic health research. However, tapping into the antibody potential of these species has been challenging. Bruker’s Opto® B Discovery portfolio on the Beacon® optofluidic system offers a new way to screen primary B cells from various species quickly.

Our latest application note dives into the practicality of these kits, demonstrating their compatibility with memory B cells from mouse, rat, alpaca, chicken, bovine, goat, and sheep tissues. Through systematic experimentation, we show successful activation and screening of B cells from compatible species, leading to the recovery of targeted antibody sequences via next-generation sequencing.

We also explore the process of memory B cell isolation and activation, showcasing the efficiency of our proprietary feeder-free culture media. Leveraging the Beacon system’s high-throughput capabilities, we isolate and screen thousands of single B cells, speeding up the discovery process.

Some species present hurdles, but our findings lay the groundwork for further optimization and adaptation. From primer design to media formulations, we’re committed to refining the process and expanding antibody discovery.

Learn more on how you can access broader B cell diversity to increase success in monoclonal antibody discovery in our latest application note, Opto® Memory B Discovery Enables Multispecies Screening Capabilities.

Download the full application note to learn more about our innovative approach to antibody discovery.

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