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Understanding the Role of Polyfunctional Immune Cells in Cancer and Other Diseases

Discover how scientists are mining single-cell proteomic data to identify and understand dynamic proteomes in high-functioning immune cells and their immune impact.

What's Inside

In this E-Book we discuss:

How have these proteomically active “superhero” cells uncovered insights into the development of novel therapies such as cell therapies and cancer immunotherapies?
How do these new proteomic insights in superpower cells complement what you are already working with? And how is it impacting the genomic cell atlas?
How have highly proactive cells acted as supervillains versus superheroes in the context of disease and cancer progression?
What are the similarities and differences in immune cell function of patients among these stages?
How does functional proteomics and insights into these superpowered cells complement the existing data that has been gathered for the genomic cell atlas?
A Deeper Look

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An Expert Roundtable with Seth Pollack, MD, Rong Fan, PhD, and James R. Heath, PhD

Rare subsets of superpowered immune cells have the ability to execute diverse functions in orchestrating the immune response.

These cells can coordinate defenses against a variety of diseases, or conversely, drive inflammation, toxicity, and disease progression.

Download this expert panel discussion to explore case studies and learn more!

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