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Accelerate Immunotherapy Development

Learn how to accelerate immune therapy development from pre-clinical to clinical stages with our Single-Cell Functional Proteomics.

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What's Inside

In this E-Book we discuss:

Introduction to Cell Therapy: CAR-T therapies have transformed Immunotherapy
Single-Cell Functional Proteomics: a power tool for immune profiling
Introduction to Checkpoint Therapy: an overview and analysis
Our three-step single-cell proteomics workflow
A Deeper Look

More about this E-Book

Accelerating Novel Immunotherapies

In developing immunotherapies, processes, and biomarkers are made more complex by the highly heterogenous T cells that form the basis for the therapeutic product or drive the anti-tumor response in various checkpoint and antibody-based immunotherapies.

Bruker Cellular Analysis provides actionable potency, safety, and patient-difference metrics by detecting highly potent single-cell functional subsets.

Download this eBook to learn how these technological advancements drastically accelerate the development of novel immunotherapies.

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