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Integrated Biomarker Discovery and T Cell Analysis using the IsoSpark™ and Beacon® Platforms

Learn how Bruker Cellular Analysis’ proteomic barcode and optofluidic technologies synergize to provide researchers with a comprehensive understanding of T cell biology.

What's Inside

In this App Note we discuss:

Bruker Cellular Analysis' ecosystem for functional T cell profiling using the IsoSpark and Beacon.
How the Beacon uses optofluidic technology to evaluate cytokine secretion and cytotoxicity, with the ability to recover cells of interest.
The IsoSpark’s ability to measure highly multiplexed cytokine secretions from single cells.
Workflows to create therapies using the Beacon and analyzing the potency of these novel therapeutics on the IsoSpark.
Workflows to identify correlative biomarkers on the IsoSpark for focused analysis on the Beacon.
A Deeper Look

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The Bruker Cellular Analysis Ecosystem for Functional Cell Profiling

Bruker Cellular Analysis’ instruments use patented proteomic barcode and optofluidic technology to unveil impactful insights inaccessible using other technologies.

These unique capabilities provide researchers with a deeper understanding of T cell functionality to guide the analysis and development of therapeutics across a wide range of applications.

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