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A Deep Dive in Infectious Disease

Breakthroughs in developing vaccines, protective immune monitoring, & measuring toxicity with our Functional Proteomics.

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In this E-Book we discuss:

Overcoming challenges in infectious disease
Interviews with experts and case studies!
Understanding cellular immune function
Immune monitoring of vaccines response and next-gen vaccine development
A Deeper Look

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Overcoming Challenges in Infectious Disease

There are several common challenges within the fields of infectious disease research, vaccine development, protective immune monitoring, and toxicity.

These challenges involve developing vaccines to create protective T-cell response, cellular immune monitoring for protective response early in patients, and cellular prediction and cytokine level monitoring for toxicities related to cytokine storms.

Download this eBook to learn how Bruker Cellular Analysis helps you overcome these challenges by functionally defining each cell type involved in the immune response.

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