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Expert Roundtable: Leaps in Innovation in Cancer Immunology

In this roundtable, four leading cancer immunology researchers have come together to discuss challenges in cancer therapy development.

What's Inside

In this E-Book we discuss:

Recent progress made in cancer immunology, as well as future innovations
The ability to harness the immune system is powerful in combating tumors
How single-cell functional proteomics provides unprecedented amounts of data and insight into tumor–immune interactions
A Deeper Look

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The Future of Cancer Immunology

Understanding the complexities and interactions within the tumor microenvironment is critical in the development of effective and persistent therapies.

Cancer treatments look drastically different today than they did 20 years ago. This discussion details recent progress made in cancer immunology, as well as future innovations.

We thank Lisa Butterfield, PhD, Naval Daver, MD, James Heath, PhD, and Taha Merghoub, PhD, for their keen insights and participation.

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