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Discovery of Functional Rabbit Memory B Cell-derived Antibodies using the Beacon Optofluidic System

Learn how B Cell Antibody Discovery on the Beacon® system bypasses inefficient hybridoma fusion by directly screening B cells from immunized animals or human patients.

What's Inside

In this Poster we discuss:

B cell Antibody Discovery on the Beacon® system enables rapid identification of antigen-specific antibodies from live B cells in less than 1 week.
Long-lasting antibody secretion facilitates multiple consecutive & multiplexed assays and rapid down-selection of lead candidates.
Rabbit Memory B Cell Activation Media robustly expands and differentiates rabbit memory B cells into an antibody secreting phenotype without the need for feeder cells.
Use of rabbit memory B cells enables discovery of rich & diverse antibodies for therapeutically relevant targets.
Multiple tissues can be used as source of memory B cells.
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