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Delivering Key Omic Insights for Curative Medicines

Learn how to conduct a multi-omic workflow in just one week, saving valuable time and resources.

Conducting multi-omic analysis enables your lab to better understand disease mechanisms by studying a disease from several angles, such as the secretome, metabolome, and phosphoproteome.

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What's Inside

In this E-Book we discuss:

Multi-Omic analyses with Bruker Cellular Analysis versus status quo technology
Study: Improving adoptive cell transfer and checkpoint inhibitors
Study: Identifying elevated neuroinflammatory proteomic markers in cerebrospinal fluid from COVID-19
Study: Explore the multi-omic energy state application for integrated cancer biology
Study: Functional proteomic adaptations leading to increased metastasis
Study: Overcoming antigen escape: A trimeric dual-targeting car takes aim at multiple myeloma
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Accelerate Your Research and Therapeutic Development with Functional Proteomics

Scientists worldwide have the urgent need to get answers faster and accelerate therapeutic development timelines.

Functional proteomics is one of the most promising fields for developing life-saving vaccines and therapeutics. Researchers might assume that running a multi-omic analysis will take months or years and put a significant strain on their lab’s budget, but that is not the case with Bruker Cellular Analysis.

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