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Superpowered Cell Therapies: The Role of Single-Cell Proteomics

Discover recent cutting-edge research in cellular therapy and explore several related case studies.

What's Inside

In this E-Book we discuss:

Single-cell functional biomarkers for each stage of the cell therapy development pipeline
Resolving challenges of oncolytic immunotherapy delivery to disrupt the tumor microenvironment
CAR-T gets hot under the collar for cancer targets
CAR-T cells: off the shelf and on the mark
Single-cell functional proteomic characterization of CAR-NK cells sheds light on improved transduction method
A Deeper Look

More about this E-Book

Democratizing Single-Cell Proteomics for Optimized Cell Therapy Products and Workflows

Cutting-edge technologies are leading to the development of increasing numbers of novel CAR-T and cell therapies, necessitating the development of more efficient and accurate methods for evaluating the quality of this influx of CAR-T therapy candidates.

PhenomeX does this on an integrated, walk-away automated platform for single-cell and bulk functional proteomics, providing easy access to highly multiplexed proteomics for virtually any lab.

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