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Single-Cell Secretome and Functional Analysis of CAR Synapses

In a paper published in Nature Biotechnology, researchers used our Single-Cell Secretome solution to characterize CAR synapse formation for enhanced tumor cell killing and prolonged CAR NK cell survival in different tumor models.

What's Inside

In this Paper Summary we discuss:

Anchoring CAR synapses.
Functional phenotyping for improved cell therapy.
CAR.PDZ affects cytokine secretion and NK cell function.
CAR synapse tuning and polyfunctionality.
A Deeper Look

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Improving Cell Therapy with Functional Phenotyping

Using Bruker Cellular Analysis’ IsoCode® Single-Cell Secretome platform and the IsoLight® system, Chockley and his colleagues demonstrated how modifying the CAR makeup can improve CAR NK efficacy, function, and anti-tumor activity.

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