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Roundtable on Advances in Cell & Immunotherapies in Treating Cancer

In this Roundtable eBook, a panel of cancer immunology experts to discuss the latest advances in the field and obstacles to its progress, and strategies that combine multiple therapeutic modalities in the development of effective and safe therapies.

What's Inside

In this E-Book we discuss:

Recent advances and current strategies in developing vaccines and immunotherapies against cancer
How single cell-based technology can be useful in characterizing the tumor microenvironment in adoptive immunotherapy such as CAR-T cells
Specific assays that identify different populations of immune cells, their functional status, and interaction in response to cancer
The systemic response of local stereotactic body radiation therapy or SBRT with checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy in cancer patients
A Deeper Look

More about this E-Book

Advances in Treating Cancer

Cellular and immune therapies in cancer treatment have come a long way in the few decades since the first cDNA
piece of the human T-cell receptor gene was cloned in 1984.

We now have the tools to transform cold tumors, adept at
evading the immune system, into hot tumors that stand a better chance at being seen by the immune system and
therapeutically targeted.

Yet, we have much to learn.

Download this eBook to hear four experts share their thoughts and discuss the progress in their respective fields.

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