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Reveal Sources of Immune Modulation with the Single-Cell Innate Immune Solution

Learn how Bruker Cellular Analysis helps researchers detect functional cellular differences that correlate to immune modulation.

What's Inside

In this App Note we discuss:

Why understanding single cell function is critical
The importance of monocyte/macrophage cellular polyfunctionality
Understanding the role of innate and myeloid cells in immune suppression
How the Innate & Myeloid solution reveals monocyte response to pathogenic ligands
How single-cell innate & myeloid data differentiates functional response to TLR2 stimulation of MS patients vs. controls
A Deeper Look

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Why Understanding Single-Cell Function is Critical

Each immune cell is different; thus, the complete characterization of each individual cell is critical.

RNA seq measures transcriptome, and flow cytometry measures surface phenotype, but the complete cellular definition is incomplete without measuring the extracellular cytokines doing the work in tumor immunology.

Download the App Note to learn how Bruker Cellular Analysis fills this gap as the only technology to detect the functional cytokines that matter most.

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