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Rapid High-Resolution Screening of Plasma B Cells to Identify Antibody Lead Candidates

Explore three case studies for the rapid discovery of antibodies against challenging targets.

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What's Inside

In this App Note we discuss:

Deliver anti-idiotypic antibodies with competitive ligand-blocking activity in half the time of a traditional hybridoma screen.
Discover a diverse panel of rare, high-affinity antibodies that are undiscoverable using phage display against an antigen with a completely homologous off-target product.
Develop an adherent cell-based binding assay enabling the discovery of lead candidate sequences against a challenging membrane-bound target in just 29 days.
A Deeper Look

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Plasma B Cells and Antibody Lead Candidates

In this application note, we share three case studies demonstrating how Abveris, a monoclonal antibody discovery partner, has used the Opto Plasma B Discovery workflow to perform high-throughput, high-resolution screening of plasma B cells to rapidly select antibody lead candidates. Download to learn more and review the case studies.

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