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Key Functional Insights Uncovered with CodePlex High-Plex Low Volume Immunoassays

Learn how CodePlex works and why it’s the most streamlined and efficient solution to gather highly multiplexed functional proteomics data from the lowest sample volumes.

What's Inside

In this App Note we discuss:

Why detecting multiplexed serum protein from ultra-low sample volumes is critical in predicting responses in multiple research areas
Cytokine storm and neurological manifestations of COVID-19 in patients
How conventional multiplexed bulk cytokine platforms compare to Bruker Cellular Analysis platforms
Understanding cancer cell communication to infer a strategy to inhibit tumor cell metastasis
Identification of key inflammatory mediators from airway samples in severe COVID-19 patients
Resolving heterogeneity in cytokine production profiles among HSPCs
A Deeper Look

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What's CodePlex?

The CodePlex family of solutions enables you to automatically run an entire highly multiplexed ELISA workflow in a completely automated and hands-off manner.

CodePlex chips measure up to 20+ cytokines in bulk, and can selectively run eight conditions per chip in “MacroChambers” across eight chips on a single run. You can analyze as few as eight small volume samples at a time, up to 64 samples, instead of requiring a full 96 samples before generating multiplexed bulk cytokine data.

Traditional multiplexed bulk ELISA platforms require multiple instruments and personnel, in addition to long wait times for data analysis. With CodePlex, you can add your sample and walk away, achieving fully analyzed data on the same day. No additional equipment is needed.

Download this App Note to learn how CodePlex provides all of your proteomic needs integrated into the automated IsoLight and IsoSpark systems!

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