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IsoSpark Site Preparation

Congratulations on the purchase of your IsoSpark! This document will guide you through the process of receiving, installing, and getting training on your new system.

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In this Guide we discuss:

Installation and training workflow
Recommended systems
Site preparation checklist
Safety and more!
Shipping and receiving
A Deeper Look

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The installation and training process will follow these steps:

  1. Scheduling: Your Field Service Engineer (FSE) and Field Application Scientist (FAS) will both contact you to choose installation and training dates. The installation will take three days and the training will take three days. These do not need to happen the same week.
  2. Shipping and Receiving: Your FSE will provide you with instrument shipment tracking info. When the instruments arrive, you will ensure the crates are not damaged. Your FAS will provide you with shipment tracking info for the training reagents kit. When you receive the training reagents, please place them in appropriate storage.
  3. Site Preparation: You will review the items on the “Site Preparation Checklist” and make sure that the site is ready. One week before the installation date, your FSE will have a phone meeting with you and will collect a completed and signed Site Preparation Checklist.
  4. Installation: On the week of the actual installation, you will move the instruments to the install site and your FSE will install the instruments.
  5. Training: On the week of the instrument training, your FAS will come on site and will train your team on how to use the instruments.
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