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Identify Top Producing Clones with Favourable Product Quality Attributes

Learn how to go from transfected pools to top clones in under one week for various protein therapeutics, including protein-based vaccines, enzymes, and bispecific molecules.

What's Inside

In this App Note we discuss:

Identify clones with favourable growth, titer, and product quality attributes prior to scale up.
Custom productivity assays work for a wide range of molecules.
Cloning efficiencies 5x greater than FACS and 10x greater than limiting dilution, and >99% monoclonality assurance.
A Deeper Look

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Identify Top Producing Clones

In this application note, we demonstrate how detection reagents that bind to the secreted protein of interest are used to quantify the amount of this protein produced by the cells being assayed. Download to learn more and review the case studies.

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