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Getting Started with Your Single-Cell Projects by Following Key Sample Preparation Guidelines

Ensure that your enrichment, stimulation, and labeling will allow you to get physiologically relevant in vivo data right away.

What's Inside

In this Tech Note we discuss:

Guidelines on enrichment, stimulation, and staining, the key sample preparation protocols, that will help achieve your project goals
Specific stimulation plans that have been published in the past within various research areas
A sample preparation methodology that will allow multiple types of users to begin to achieve data right away, and ensure success
A Deeper Look

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The Award-Winning IsoLight System

The IsoLight system employs its IsoCode chip, a single-cell, highly multiplexed chip consisting of a highly multiplexed antibody that captures data from each single cell.

The IsoCode technology uniquely addresses the cytokine detection limitations with its ability to measure a large panel of 40+ key secreted proteins from live single cells and to deeply decipher the functional heterogeneity and key functional subsets of responding immune cells among individual patients.

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