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Comparing Single-Cell Intracellular Proteome with Traditional Phosphoflow

Learn how Intracellular Signaling Omics reveals phosphoproteomic signaling networks in days, not weeks, with fully optimized and validated panels.

What's Inside

In this Tech Note we discuss:

How to overcome the limitations of traditional phosphoflow
How single-cell proteomics predicts the success of combination therapy
How to eliminate the need for complex panel design steps of traditional phosphoflow
How to reveal multiple pathways to drug resistance
A Deeper Look

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Overcome the Limits of Traditional Phosphoflow

Traditional phosphoflow methods have overly complicated workflows and do not provide complete insights into the entire signaling network.

Single-Cell Intracellular Proteome targets 500-1500 individual cells per chip with 15+ analytes per single cell, uniquely measuring cellular communication via phosphorylation events, providing complete insights into the entire signaling network and revealing critical adaptive resistance pathways.

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