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Comparing CodePlex Highly Multiplexed Walk-Away Immunoassays with Traditional Multiplexed Bulk ELISA

Save time, lower sample volume by 10x with our highly-multiplexed walk-away immunoassays.

What's Inside

In this Tech Note we discuss:

Highly multiplexed walk-away proteomics
IsoSpeak software’s automated analysis and data visualizations for push-button publication ready figures
How CodePlex offers highly multiplexed insights in 10x less sample volume in a modular fashion
How CodePlex provides sensitive ELISA readouts
A Deeper Look

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CodePlex Provides Sensitive ELISA Readouts

With a 32 sample or 64 sample run with replicates, the Codeplex walk-away proteomics workflow saves 3-4 hours that would typically be spent on many tedious manual steps.

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