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Learn how to automate your entire highly multiplexed ELISA workflows with one system in a completely automated and hands-off manner.

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In this E-Book we discuss:

CodePlex vs status quo technologies
Use cases and applications
Proteomic barcoding and CodePlex Secretome panel
Advances data analysis and visualizations with IsoSpeak
A Deeper Look

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The Power of Functional Proteomics

Traditional multiplexed bulk ELISA platforms require multiple instruments and multiple personnel, in addition to long wait times for data analysis.

With CodePlex, you can add your samples and walk away, achieving thoroughly analyzed data on the same day.

No additional equipment is needed. A fully automated workflow means no washing and incubation stations, no centrifuge, no vortexer, and no plate reader.

Unlock your data immediately and lower costs per run and total instrumentation requirements.

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