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Characterizing Adoptive Cell Therapies using Bruker Cellular Analysis' Proteomic Barcode Technology

Discover how our proteomic barcode technology measures single-cell cytokine secretions to provide unique functional insights into cancer immunotherapy.

What's Inside

In this App Note we discuss:

The importance of polyfunctional cells in adoptive cell therapy.
Tracking cellular functionality to optimize manufacturing.
The Bruker Cellular Analysis IsoCode® Single-Cell Secretome platform and Workflow.
Discovering predictive clinical biomarkers that correlate with clinical outcomes.
Pre-clinical product characterization for early insights into efficacy and function.
A Deeper Look

More about this App Note

Bruker Cellular Analysis as a Critical Guide Throughout the ACT Development Workflow

Successfully developing an ACT necessitates extensive knowledge of cellular behavior that can only be obtained from single-cell functional proteomics. Download this App Note to learn more!

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