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Proteomic Barcoding Product Suite for NK Cells

Learn how functional proteomics reveals unique secretomic signatures and insights into NK Cells.

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In this App Note we discuss:

Predictive durability biomarkers with a combination PEG-IL2 and checkpoint therapy
Identifying therapeutic targets driving COVID inflammation
Clinical immune monitoring with immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies
Mechanisms of immune persistence in solid tumor indications
Early indicators of patient response and relapse with immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies
Early indicators of potency in a combination immune checkpoint and TIL Therapy, and much more!
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Overcoming Challenges in NK Cell Research

Immune monitoring is critical in therapeutic development to understand how cellular functional phenotype influences therapeutic efficacy and disease progression. However, challenges such as limited persistence and tumor evasion test the durability and efficacy of these novel therapies.

Download this App Note to learn how Bruker Cellular Analysis researchers better understand the functional mechanisms of NK cell potency and persistence.

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