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Automated Run Quality Assessment in IsoSpeak Using the IsoQ Score Metric

Explore IsoQ Score, a quality metric for each run generated by the IsoSpeak.

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What's Inside

In this Tech Note we discuss:

The use of the IsoQ Score for qualitative assessment of run quality
How the IsoQ Score can flag potentially problematic aspects of a run
IsoQ Score test interface
A Deeper Look

More about this Tech Note

Sample Quality Control Using the IsoQ Score Test

The IsoQ Score is a quality metric for each run generated by the IsoSpeak.

Samples are loaded into the program and analyzed for cell quality during this phase, and then each sample is given an IsoQ Score.

After the samples are analyzed, they should have a green IsoQ Score indicating that the sample quality passes and that the data can proceed through the automated IsoSpeak analysis.

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