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Automate your entire highly multiplexed ELISA workflow with CodePlex Secretome

Run an entire highly multiplexed ELISA workflow in a completely automated manner with CodePlex Secretome for the IsoLight system.

What's Inside

In this Tech Note we discuss:

Breakthrough CodePlex automated highly multiplexed proteomics workflow
Next-generation improvements over conventional multiplexed ELISA workflows
Capturing key measures of highly multiplexed bulk cytokine metrics in an automated manner
Understanding tumor metastasis with CodePlex Secretome
How a small sample volume (11ul) can be used to run replicates with CodePlex versus status quo instrumentation (100ul)
A Deeper Look

More about this Tech Note

Why CodePlex Secretome?

The mechanism for both clinical effects and cytotoxicity can be heavily mediated by cytokines (functional proteins through which immune cells send and receive signals).

The ability to capture the range of relevant cytokines, fully automated in a highly multiplexed manner, is critical in obtaining the necessary data to accelerate your programs.

Download this Tech Note to learn how CodePlex Secretome solution helps you achieve this!

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