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Assessing Functional Quality of Single TILs for Correlative Immunotherapy Biomarkers

Learn how using Single-Cell PSI  helps you reveal mechanisms in the Tumor Microenvironment.

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What's Inside

In this App Note we discuss:

Highlight the challenges in functional characterization of TILs in checkpoint and combination therapies
Describe the workflow for functional single-cell analysis from both solid tumor TILs as well as patient PBMC
Predict patient response to checkpoint therapy using PSI as a biomarker in solid tumor TILs, as well as correlate response from these solid tumor TILs with PSI from peripheral blood
A Deeper Look

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Overcoming Challenges in Checkpoint Combination Therapies

Checkpoint inhibitor blockade therapy has rapidly advanced and is now established as a powerful way to manage various malignant tumors.

Despite the promising outcomes, there are a significant number of patients who do not respond to these immunotherapies.

Download this App Note to learn how PSI helps you overcome these challenges with a wide range of applications in checkpoint and combination therapy research.

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