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Accelerating Clinical Biomarker Discovery for Curative Medicines

Learn how to accelerate timelines for finding cures with our Functional Proteomics.

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What's Inside

In this E-Book we discuss:

Identifying the functional cellular adaptations leading to drug-resistant tumors
Enabling biomarker discovery with unique functional proteomics
Detecting rare subsets of highly functional “Superhero” Cells that correlate to anti-tumor response
Accelerating clinical biomarker discovery for curative medicines
Identifying functional biomarker of severe inflammation proves critical to fighting COVID-19
A Deeper Look

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Predict and Personalize Medicine with Functional Proteomics

Clinical biomarkers are critical for the acceleration of curative medicines. Functional biomarkers can be used to predict response, identify potential effective treatments, and monitor a patient’s response to treatment.

Download this eBook to learn how our Functional Proteomics reveals unique insights over methods such as mass spectrometry, genomics, and epigenetics and provides high-throughput omics while simplifying complex workflows.

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