Synthetic Biology

We provide the fastest path to production ready organisms in Synthetic Biology.

Accelerate the Design-Build-Test Process

Testing used to take months. Our platform makes it happen in hours to days.
Let your design and build team go. We’ve got test covered.


Synthetic Biology Design-Build-Test Process


The synthetic biology process is characterized by 3 key steps: design, build, and test.  These three steps are continuously iterated to drive feedback into the design for the following iteration until the desired result is achieved.  Using conventional processes, this requires significant time and capital.  Iterations that take weeks using conventional methods can now be completed in days using our platform.

"The partnership with Berkeley Lights* far exceeded our expectations, from a scientific discovery and speed standpoint, as well as the highly collaborative nature in which our two teams operated together."

— Vishaal Bhuyan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
*Berkeley Lights + IsoPlexis = Bruker Cellular Analysis

Expanding the Workflows

Workflows for yeast, bacteria, and filamentous fungi are currently in development. Check back soon or contact us to be one of the first deploy Bruker Cellular Analysis' Synthetic Biology workflows within your organization.

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