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Bruker Cellular Analysis: Driving the Next Wave of Biological Breakthroughs


With the coming together of Berkeley Lights and IsoPlexis, Bruker Cellular Analysis is positioned to power labs across the new frontier of biological and medicinal research. We are uniquely enabling the exploration of the phenome and mastery of single cells for all labs and scientists. Our platform now powers all stages across the discovery and development pipeline, from antibody discovery, BCR & TCR sequencing, cell line development, immune system profiling, immune signatures for product potency, hands-free serum proteomics, and more. We are excited to empower all researchers to manage their discovery and development by leveraging the power of the phenome.

The Evolution of Functional Biology

The phenome is the set of all phenotypic traits expressed by a cell or organism, central to all questions in biology, in which the sum of the parts creates a whole. Following the evolution of functional biology from immune surface breakthroughs and significant genome innovations, the era of the phenome enables therapeutic design and development beyond our current scope of biological understanding, optimizing functional phenomes to engineer more advanced medicines.

By uniquely characterizing each aspect of the phenome, researchers can unlock the full potential of each cell, an aspect that is missed by traditional technologies that parse individual parts of the phenome and are unable to provide the whole picture. Guided by the published success of functional cell potency throughout the entire therapeutic development process, Bruker Cellular Analysis empowers researchers to leverage the full potential of each cell with a unique suite of proven high-throughput tools and services offering unparalleled insights into the entirety of the phenome.

The Next Wave of Biology & Medicine is the Era of the Phenome

Bruker Cellular Analysis was designed to enable the next wave of biological breakthroughs, capturing aspects of the phenome required to accelerate biological solutions for thousands of labs across the world. By bringing together two talented and passionate teams, we are able to harness our best-in-class innovation and deep customer relationships to build on the momentum of phenomic discovery and breakthroughs. As Bruker Cellular Analysis, we will continue our mission to empower scientists to leverage the full potential of each cell and drive the next era of functional cell biology that will advance human health.

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