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Bruker Cellular Analysis at PEGS Boston: Interrogating the Phenome at the Cutting Edge of Biotherapeutics


Bruker Cellular Analysis is looking forward to attending the upcoming PEGS Boston Summit from May 15-19. PEGS is the world’s largest gathering of protein engineering and biotherapeutics experts, and we are excited for the opportunity to meet with industry leaders and demonstrate how our groundbreaking platform is empowering researchers to leverage the full potential of each cell. In addition to exhibiting our Beacon and IsoSpark platforms at booth #517, we will also be leading talks during both the immunotherapy stream and the bispecifics stream and presenting two posters during the poster session. Full details are below, and we look forward to seeing you there!

May 15 at 2:50 PM: Accelerating Functional TCR Discovery by Phenotyping Thousands of Live, Single T Cells in 2 Days

Troy Lionberger, PH.D, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Bruker Cellular Analysis

This talk will introduce a high-throughput screening technology platform capable of observing single T cells in co-culture with antigen-presenting cells (APC’s). During the time-course observation, >1,000 single T cells are monitored for their ability to kill APC’s in co-culture, surface marker expression, and cytokine secretion. Recovering functional T cells from patient samples using this 2-day workflow can accelerate therapeutic TCR discovery, T cell vaccine development, and patient immune monitoring.

May 16th at 3:20 PM: Miniaturized quality assays to accelerate selection of clones producing a high percentage of bispecifics heterodimer

Alison Glaser, Applications Scientist, Bruker Cellular Analysis

Microfluidic chips can be used to sort and clone CHO cells, perform miniaturized assays, and recover top performers.  This automated process reduces the number of clones that must be expanded and characterized, while simultaneously increasing the likelihood of finding a cell line producing a high percentage of bispecific heterodimer. Here, I will present data demonstrating how miniaturized quality assays enable selection of top performing clones within five days of cloning.

Poster Presentations, Monday-Thursday in the Exhibit Hall

  • High-Throughput Cell-Free In Vitro Protein Expression, Purification, and Functional Evaluation on Beacon Optofluidic System
  • Multi-Omic Analysis for Directly Linking T Cell Phenotype to Gene Expression

If you’re interested in learning more, stop by Booth #517 to chat with one of our experts, or get in touch!

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