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Application Note: Revolutionizing Adoptive Cell Therapy Development with Bruker’s Beacon® Platform

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Adoptive cell therapy (ACT), the autologous or allogenic transplant of immune cells, is providing new hope in the ongoing battle against cancer. However, the path to harnessing the full potential of these therapies remains challenging, from understanding the intricate dynamics of individual cells to optimizing their therapeutic efficacy.

Bruker’s Beacon® Platform emerges as a transformative solution, offering a new standard in single-cell analysis for ACT development. In our latest application note, we delve into the capabilities of this cutting-edge platform that provides researchers with unprecedented control and insight into cellular functionality.

At the heart of the Beacon platform is its optofluidic technology and NanoPen® chambers on OptoSelect® chips. This technology enables researchers to conduct thousands of experiments in parallel, with deterministic control over individual cells. Through precise control and monitoring, researchers gain insights into crucial parameters such as cytotoxicity, cytokine secretion, and surface marker profiling.

By employing dynamic cytotoxicity assays, researchers can unravel distinct killing behaviors of T cells, shedding light on the kinetics of cell killing and their therapeutic relevance. Additionally, multiplexed cytokine secretion assays offer predictive markers of therapeutic efficacy, providing valuable data on the functional secretion of cytokines from individual cells.

The Beacon platform’s export capabilities allow researchers to delve deeper into cellular mechanisms. By exporting cells of interest, researchers can perform multi-omic analyses, revealing genomic and transcriptomic drivers of cellular functionality. These insights are pivotal in understanding why certain cells exhibit higher functionality and can accelerate the development of more effective immunotherapies.

Through our application note, we aim to showcase how Bruker’s Beacon platform is not just a tool for observation but a catalyst for actionable intelligence in ACT development. Read the full application note for a comprehensive exploration of the Beacon platform’s capabilities and their implications for the future of cancer immunotherapy.

In three new upcoming application notes (coming soon), we will introduce case studies that detail how the Beacon platform can be used at each stage of the cell therapy development pipeline, from discovery and validation through clinical translation. Stay tuned for more!

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